Lagos Island for Aug-Oct 2021


INTRODUCTION: Greetings from Lagos Nigeria. As you read this report from Lagos Island Part Time Extension Program, we extend our hand of fellowship to all of you in different parts of the world benefitting from the great work of our mother school. May God’s strength be with every one of you as you work hard to achieve your set goals in the kingdom. Thanks to God for finding all of us worthy as veritable tools in His hands for the work of the kingdom.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: The last three months had been a very successful one in our classes as Christian Evidence was taught by Oluwafemi Adewuyi, James Luka took The Book of Job while Tim Iwe guided the students in the Scheme of Redemption. Adewuyi will be teaching Homiletics 1 from this weekend.

We need your devotional prayer for Lagos Island church for Lagos State Government is indiscriminately demolishing buildings in Obalende and its environs. A newly completed four-story building opposite the church hall was demolished last week Monday. Even some who have their complete documents were affected. We pray that God guides the church hall from the eye of these government officers. The school’s door is always open to new students at the beginning of each course. Two new students were admitted to our center in this last quarter of 2021.

We will be having the 1st Lagos State Study Centers Combine Seminar in Lagos Island church Hall on the 13th of November 2021. We hope that teachers and church leaders in Lagos will be in that meeting to discuss how to synergize in working for the Lord. Aids to Biblical Hermeneutics will also be part of our focus.

CAMPAIGN PROGRAM/MARKET EVANGELISM: We thank God as schools in the West of Nigeria are developing a working force in evangelism. For the second time, we all put forces together to visit and evangelize Aramoko in Ekiti State. Some of us spent 5 days and 3 days respectively. All the Instructors in Lagos Island Center were part of the team that did the work in Ekiti. The Market Evangelism program which involves some of our students is ongoing.

Our goal is to visit and work in new places two to three times yearly in the West of Nigeria. Pray with us that God leads the work.

WBS ONLINE STUDY HELPER: Thanks to God for the Online Study Helper work as it yielded to the conversion of a soul in Port Harcourt, Nigeria last month. Bro Anthony Oluria helped in following up with the young lady that got baptized.

On the Online Work: Am having the following records

Active Students: 259

Under Follow Up: 3

Competed Lessons: 4568

Certificates Awarded: 1040

Two souls also obeyed the gospel in my congregation last Sunday.

CONCLUSION: We will be perpetually grateful for your partnership in the Lord and the financial support that Stoney Point Church of Christ and their minister in the person of Terry Stinson has continued to provide for the work in Lagos Island.

Thanks and God bless you.


Lagos Island Center Director


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