Lagos Island Report


INTRODUCTION: We thank God for holding us with gracious hands till date.We plead that you continue to remind us in Nigeria in your prayer. The level of insecurity in our Country continue to increase from day to day. However, Lagos is relatively peaceful and our work is going on well. In Lagos Island Center, getting more students has become our biggest challenge.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: As academic activates continues, we have taken 20 courses so far with Etim Nfon  taking Minor Prophets,  2 Corinthians taken  by  James Luka and How We God The Bible taught by Tim Iwe. One of our students in the person of Bro Friday Umoren relocated from Lagos to Akwa Ibom last month. We hope that he will continue with the new school over there.

CAMPAIGN PROGRAM/MARKET EVANGELISM: We thank God that our by monthly market evangelism is ongoing. We were in Cross River Plaza Trade Fair Complex for two weeks. Jasper Ndionuka and I are part of the main speakers in the program. I also visited one of the new congregations planted by Lagos Preachers located in Etegbin on Ojo. The church is doing well however, the effect of wind due to rain the day I visited was a challenge to the young congregation. Join us in praying for Etegbin church. The Landlord of the present meeting place was coincidentally celebrating his birthday the same Sunday and visited the church. I presented to him a copy of the Bible. 

WBS ONLINE STUDY HELPER: Thanks to God for finding one useful in helping students understand the mind of God through the WBS Online platform. The new formation in the site has helped in simplifying summary of ones activities.  

CONCLUSION: We are grateful to those partnering with us in the kingdom work. As we prospect for more students and think of greaterway to improve in bringing more students to Lagos Island, your prayer will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and God bless you.

TIM IWE                            

Lagos Island Center Coordinator. 

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