Evangelism Efforts by NIATS

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hope that the Lord’s hands are on you all for good.

Here in Nigeria the economics and social conditions are getting harder and unfavorable as days go by. We really depend completely on God for survival. The rate of inflation is so terrible that prices of most regular food materials have risen to as high as three hundred percent. This is serious, we need your prayers.

In the last report I wrote that Nigerian Institute of Arts and Theological Studies (NIATS) students and teachers will be going out on an evangelism outreach. This has taken place with a heart warming result. The date was 22 to 25 July just last weekend, I was there myself. We hard a total of eleven converts to God’s glory. We are so grateful to God for this harvest. Here are some pictures of the preaching stands & baptisms, some baptisms were done when it was dark, that was the time we concluded the evening open air preaching.

Bernard Akokwu

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