SSU’s April-June 2021

Greetings to you and all members of the Church. I trust God is protecting you and your family.

Over the months, I experienced tooth problem issue which four of my teeth were removed and replaced with other ones. Though much funds have been spent, but very soon the pains will be relieved.

I Thank the Almighty God who is always on our side to protect us and guide us inspite of the many challenges we are facing in Nigeria due to bad leadership/governance

In view of these problems, preaching of the gospel is still in progress. I am sending the report of April, may and June of 2021.

–      Between the month of April 7th and May 1st two events were organized at Northside Church of Christ Ukpom, the events which featured general gospel meetings – April 7th and Preachers Evangelism on May 1st . The two events were very successful. New WBS Students were enrolled during these occasion.

–      One soul was added to the new Church planted at Ikot Eyem in Obot Akara during our visit on April 11th, 2021

–      Women Gospel meeting took place at Atai Otoro on 17th April 2021. There were two restorations and one baptism in the area.

–      There was a WBS Seminar/Evangelism out reach event at Ikot Obio Mkpong on 18th April, 2021.

–      Evangelism at Ikot Oku Mfang, Otoro, Abak recorded one baptism.

–      WBS Seminar and house to house evangelism took place at Ikot Obioko on 9th May, 2021. We studied the bible with many people in their respective homes and enrolled new students into the WBS Programme.

–      General Gospel meeting at Abiaokpo, Otoro on 22nd May 2021 was a successful one.

–      Evangelism at Ikot Ekpeyak, brought the total of Seven Souls to the Lord’s Church during the quarter.

–      There was Preachers/Leadership Seminar at the NCBC on 25th – 28th May, 2021. Although bad road situation, it was very successful.

–      Ikot Nsong, Etinan, recorded two baptisms during Preachers Evangelism in the Area.

–      WBS Seminar/Evangelism Ikot Obioko was a successful one.

–      Youth Seminar at Ikot Ekan In Etinan Local Government Area also brought one soul to the Lord.

–      At Ukana Mkpa Eyop, four WBS Students converted in the area.

–      Ikot Odongo in Uruan Local Government Area recorded two baptisms

–      WBS Seminar/Evangelism at Ikot Odung, Ikono was a successful one as many new students were enrolled to study the Bible with us through WBS Teaching.

–      At Oku Abak, two souls were added to the Lord.

–      Atan Offot witnessed one baptism on 26th June, 2021 during evangelism outreach in the area.

–      Finally, the one day WBS Gospel Seminar and Evangelism at Anua Obio 27, June 2021 brought four souls to the Lord. Many new students were also registered during Evangelism outing.

Pictures of events and baptisms are shown:

English Bibles, Efik Bibles, Song Books are needed to help in Evangelism.

We plan to conduct WBS Seminars/Evangelism in many other areas in Akwa Ibom State.

May you pray for us.

God bless you. Have a happy time in Tanzania. Please may you remember me in your prayer and my request.

Yours in the Lord,

Sunday Solomon Udoh

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