Sekeme’s May/June Report

Hi everyone,
I know certainly that many of you might have wondered why I haven’t sent any update for a month as usual! I have had busy schedules since May 9 till today and I am thankful that in all these busy mission and family schedules, God has been strongly behind my efforts, family and fellow workers.

On May 9, I made an unscheduled visit to Afikpo Correctional Center in Ebonyi State following a follow up invitation from one of the inmates channeled through the prison Warden. The trip was successful as it resulted in one of the inmates, (Orji Ajah) being baptized. I was escorted to the nearby stream by armed policemen. Moreover, I was restricted from taking any picture within the correction facility and even at the stream for security reasons but I thank God that brother Orji is in Christ even though he is incarcerated. Pray for him in his new walk with God!

On returning, we visited Grace Dieu Schools, Obong Ntak for our routine Bible studies, Bible Correspondence course enrollment as well as tracts and literature distribution including some used Bibles made available by some kindhearted brethren in the USA. It was wonderful seeing the zeal these students have for God’s words. Many of them used that avenue to return their completed lessons. The management of the school gave us full permission to come there anytime for Bible Lessons. The Director, Mr. Christian Iwok, is an elder of the New African Apostolic Church. He and his teachers are gradually following our teachings and we do hope that someday, these lessons will help them to take the decision to obey the gospel.

At Northern Anang Secondary Commercial School where we also visit on timely basis, 118 completed lessons were received. Our earlier tracts and literature distribution campaign  scheduled was put off following the mid term break but the school are making arrangement for our visit towards the end of this month. The same is applicable to Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot ESE.

Our Bible Correspondence course and evangelism campaign has grown to Essien Udim ( where the recent violence occurred). Two preachers in that area will be helping in the work there. Emmanuel Ukpong and brother David Eyo Bassey led us to Okon Secondary Commercial School where a Catholic Reverend father is the chaplain. Contrary to our thoughts that we may not be privileged to address the students, the reversed was the case as we were given about 45 minutes to tell the students and staff about our programs. That visit climaxed with the distribution of enrollment forms to students. The students duely completed the forms and returned same through the two brethren to our office. They are now anxiously waiting for the introduction lessons. What an opportunity in this area that is predominantly Catholics? May God help us in our efforts.

The church at Utu Ikot Ekpo continues to do and grow well. On Sunday, my son, Kufremfon did the preaching while I taught the Bible class. I was amazed but thankful for his timely and well prepared sermon! That was his first sermon after his baptism few years ago. Sister Blessing Pious is still down and hospitalized!  Brother Sampson Thomas is weak and hardly make it to the service due to his health and age. They both needs your prayers!

Saturday 5th June was the day we embarked on a massive distribution of evangelism literature (Finding the Priceless Pearl by Roger Dickson) and Bibles to churches in our communities. Many churches of Christ including denominations benefitted from the free books distribution and it is our belief that many that we may not know will obey the gospel by following this adventure with John to discover the gospel way into eternal life.
The 2021 Great Workshop scheduled to hold in Lagos has been suspended indefinitely. This is following the security challenges that our country is facing making travelling to most parts of the country unsafe and risky. We pray that the situation will calm next year so that we can meet for this great Annual event.
We are gathering funds for the  second phase of work(moulding of blocks)  at our proposed Christian School. Your $10 contribution will buy us a bag of Cement to help in this work, while $35 will buy a trip of sharp moulding sand. $70 will buy a trip of gravel. We are in need of 150 bags of cement ($1,500). Can you help financially? If you cannot, please remember our efforts prayerfully. We can bank on biblical principles. When God says to give and it will be given back to you, it’s a fact. He doesn’t promise fabulous wealth, but He does promised to meet your needs – with enough left over to keep the supply of blessing flowing to others, like those here desperate for quality Christian education. The potentials and spiritual influence that this school will have on the lives of the young people here cannot be overemphasized and the present challenges faced by our dear country Nigeria can only be addressed by providing an education that is grounded by the words of God to the younger and future generations. You’ll be helping to change the mindset of several Nigerian children by being a part of this Christian school project! I will be sending a video showing, the site, level of work and future plans at the end of this month. This will give you a clear picture of what we are trying to do.
My family is doing well and we thank God for His blessings and protection on us and many others. Continue to pray for my safety  and that of my family as I daily travel from one place to another expounding his divine will to mankind.
I commend all my sponsors and WBS teachers for their prayers and generosity over the years! I want to thank you for being a giver and encourage you to keep giving even when it doesn’t feel safe. In so doing, you’ll experience the God ” who will supply all your needs according to His riches” (Phil 4:9)
May God richly bless you in all your life endeavors.

Until there is a witness for Christ in Every Nation,
Sekeme Ekaiko

Akwa Ibom State-Nigeria.

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