Makinde’s May 2021 Report

Dear fellow servants of Most High God.

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Below are the summary of our activities in this month of May 2021.


1. Birth of the Lord’s church in Aramoko Ekiti, Ekiti State.

2.  Voice of Truth International Volume 109 shared.

3. Fourth Semester Classes Commenced.

4.  Ajia Church Auditorium.

5. Bro. Keith Kasarjian’s visit to Nigeria

BIRTH OF THE LORD’S CHURCH IN ARAMOKO TOWN, EKITI STATE: In obedient to the Master order in Matthew 28:19-20, some of the staff, students and some of our graduates preaching in Ekiti State evangelized Aramoko Ekiti town from May 3 till 9,2021 and started the first church worship in Chief Eluku house, Temidire Steet, Oke-Egbe Area of Aramoko town with five converts, eleven students of BVBIN &  SWSE, Ibadan and one of the instructors named Bro. Emmanuel Godwin. We were lucky to get an incomplete building for the sum of N200,000 ($560USD) in Temidire Steet, Oke-Egbe Area and the school was able to assist in the payment of N100,000 while the remaining balance of N100,000. **Can you help that? Please consider that HERE.

VOICE OF TRUTH INTERNATIONAL VOLUME 109 SHARED: Free distributions and posting of VOTI Volume 109 commenced on May 3 and as of May 20,our records show that over 5,000 copies of the recent publication of VOTI has been distributed across the Republic of Nigeria. Reports reaching our office shows that the recent publication also aid the Lord’s church in converting many souls into Christ’s body during this month seminars and campaigns..

SWSE FOURTH SEMESTER CLASSES BEGIN ON MAY 24 :This session last semester classes commenced on May 24 and will come to an end Lord’s willing on July 23,2021. Then, followed by a month practical work, that is, Teaching Practice between July 24 and August 22,2021. The one month Teaching Practice will cost us between $500 to $700 because most of the students will be working with young congregations across the country, Nigeria. The instructors for the 4th Semester Classes at Ibadan are :Bro. Isaac Olaniyan, Bro. Emmanuel Godwin, Bro.Makinde John, Bro. Guda Silas, Bro. Oladokun Samuel, Bro. Lawrence Dada, Bro. Andrew Adeolu and myself (Bro.Makinde Ebens).

AJIA CHURCH AUDITORIUM: Work continue in other to put the just roofed church auditorium into use. We were able to construct four iron doors for the four entrances, fix the window frames, three doors and windows burglaries, flooring and plastering of one bedroom in the preacher’s quarters between May 18 and 29,2021 with the sum of N720,000.

BROTHER KEITH KASARJIAN’S VISIT TO NIGERIA: The Director of BVBID Extension program, Bro. Keith Kasarjian visited our troublesome country, Nigeria in spite the insecurity in our country between May 16 through 24 and met with most of the BVBIN Schools in our country starting from Lagos and ended his trip in Abia State. We appreciate so much is great commitment to serving the Lord and humanity. May the Lord keep on blessings all the gospel ministers throughout the world is our fervent prayers in Jesus Christ name, amen.

ONE MONTH VOCATIONAL TRAINING/BREAK: The just concluded Vocational training/break of this session resulted in the conversion of thirteen souls and restoration of eighteen erring brethren. All our students and staff were actively involved in the weekend evangelism / campaigns in their different locations and thanks be unto the Lord for making the month fruitful.


1. Bro. M.B.Archibong, one of the World Bible School Follow Up Workers in Uyo reported the conversion of four (4) souls on Wednesday, May 19 as the result of the just concluded WBS seminar in Mkpara Otop Village.

2. Bro. Lawanson Akinola, one of the WBSFUW in Ekiti State reported that two souls were added to the Lord’s body on May 23 as the result of his follow up in Ilogbo -Ekiti, Ekiti State.

ABOUT ONE OF OUR YEAR-2 STUDENTS : Bro.Silas ,Wayne Chisom is one of our year-2 students. Born on March 14,1988 at Aba, Abia State by Bro. & Sister Silas of Okpuala Umugwor Village. Become a member of the Lord’s church in 2006. A BSC holder from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umuahia, Abia State. His mission after the August graduation is to become one of the seasoned ministers of God in the Eastern States of Nigeria.

OUR ACCOMPLISHMENT: With God on our sides coupled with the financial assistance of $820 rendered by Austin Chapel Church of Christ, we were able to evangelized Aramoko Ekiti from the early morning of May 3 through the noon of May 9,2021. We give  God be the glory and honor for making our dream of planting the Lord’s Church in Aramoko town a reality.


1. The school is in need of at least $1,500 for the successful hosting of her 19th Annual Bible Lectureship and Graduation ceremony that by God’s grace is coming up from August 25-27,2021 at Butubutu village Ibadan. As usual, we are looking unto Bro. Steven Ashcraft and associate for the gift of at least $500 and to Bro. Chad Wagner and associate for the gift of at least $700 while I hope to raise the balance of about $300 within the brethren in Nigeria.

2. The school is also in need of a Mini Gospel Chariot for evangelization of both Urban and Rural areas of the Western States of Nigeria. This will cost us between$6,500 to $7,000 for truck, durable chairs, speakers, 2.5kwa generator, lectern, construction of a stage and other necessary things.

CONCLUSION: We appreciate you all for your partnership and great support. May the Lord keep on blessings all our joint effort in Christ Jesus, amen.

I remain yours in His Grace as a servant……Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan and WBSFUW)

NB: Pictures of Aramoko Ekiti Evangelism, Church building and several Evangelism in the month of May 2021

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