Successful Children’s Seminar

No word is enough to thank you for your magnanimity, your great effort  will be highly rewarded.

The Children’s seminar was successful, three hundred sixty eight were registered. The books , bibles and pens  l bought was not sufficient because l estimated two hundred and fifty children. We went and bought additional rice, l exhausted all l had because the number was unexpected.

The Village here were thrilled with joy and wonders when they  saw the great multitude. From time to time l will be sending you pictures of the program. You are the image maker. The children were excited and more of the program. It is our prayer  that when we call next year, you will attend to us . 

May the  Lord Almighty reward you abundantly, bless Austin Church Of Christ.

Beloved brother Chad, life is so tough on us here. prices on goods are so high, inflation had rubbish everything, here in rural area am almost hitting myself due to hardship, my support  finds it difficult to take of my problems. Therefore, l call on you for additional support/ help. May God bless you.

Brother Alozie Uzoma.

The children learning, reciting Bible quotations, some of their gifts.

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