Lagos Island Report


INTRODUCTION: Greetings from the staff and students of Lagos Island Center of Bear Valley Bible Institute Extension Programme, Nigeria. We once again thank God that we are found worthy to be part of this great work in Nigeria and Africa in general. The new normal is becoming part of our life these days in our nation. Nigeria needs your prayer as we are facing serious insurgency. Insecurity has taken over many parts of the Country. However, God is faithful in caring for the elect. Lagos where Am working is relatively peaceful and secure as it is the commercial nerve of the country.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: We have successfully completed 17 circles in our center. In this last quarter: Marriage & Family life was taught by Odoh Emmanuel, Genesis to Deuteronomy handled by Oluwafemi Adewuyi and Congregational Development was just concluded by Godwin Emmanuel. 10 students were regular in this quarter out of 14 students who registered in the school presently. I was in Butubutu Ibadan for their 19 Annual Bible lectures. It was a great and eye opening discussion about Satan and his Mission. Happy to serve as one of the speakers. I also witnessed the ordination of additional Elders in Jakpa congregation in Warri Delta state where Bro Abiodun Adegeroge also spoke during the program.

CAMPAIGN PROGRAM/MARKET EVANGELISM: The Market Evangelism Public Preaching in the month of April was successful. We visited Ondo Plaza in Balogun in the popular International Trade Fair Market Ojo, Lagos. I spoke from Mark 5 on the topic: Only Jesus Can Help You. We will be going there coming Thursday on one on one discussion. We had a soul obey the gospel two weeks ago from this effort. Also I just came back lst night from Aramoko in Ekiti state where Bro Ebens Makinde, his students and Preachers in the area spent a week in campaign for Christ. 3 souls were added to the church as the time of filling this report and we hope that a congregation will start worshipping this Sunday in this area.

WBS ONLINE STUDY HELPER: I want to thank Bro Doug Wheeler for helping me out in contacting Edie Connel who has been of help in navigating the new platform of the Online WBS Site. Helping students learn online is a very interesting work with its challenges. Am having 561 Certificates awarded, 3741 lessons completed and 20 active students presently.  

CHALLENGES: Electricity is the main challenge I am having presently in the ongoing work.

CONCLUSION: Glory be to God for the good work going on in this part of the world through your prayer and support. Thanks to Stoney Point Church of Christ for their support and prayer for us. Also thanks to the authority fo Bear Valley Institute for increasing our support. Studies are continuing in our center and we hope more students will come in soon.

Thanks and God bless you.

TIM IWE                            

Lagos Island Center Director

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