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                                                                                                         1st May, 2021
Dear Brethren, 

Greetings from Monday Akpakpan, his family and all the WBS Follow Up Workers I am working with.
I always like the statement that my mother always told me “FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER“.  Brethren, Evangelism is FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER“.
Here are what were done in April 2021.
.  Women Gospel Meeting took place at Atai Otoro, Abak on April 17, 2021.
.  WBS Seminar was conducted at Ikot Obio Mkpong, Ikono Uyo.
.  My visit to a ONE MONTH OLD CHURCH at Ikot Eyem, Obot Akara added 1 soul to the Church.
.  At Uyo Prison there were 50 baptisms for the month of March and April, 2021.  Prison work is
   where we always need many Bibles.
.  M. B. Archibong reported 9 baptisms  and 1 restoration soul.
.  Uyai Joshua reported 1 baptism from Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong.
.  Open Air Preaching conducted by Two Towns Church of Christ at Midim, Abak.
.  In the month of April the Youth Seminars were conducted at different places as usual.
.  Nelson Akpan reported 2 baptisms.
.  A big thanks to the two people that sent me $100 and $30 to buy Bibles.  I added $70 to it, to buy 40    big R. S. V. and 38 big K. J. V.
.  April 21, 2021 Uforo Udosen N. C. B. C. student baptized a soul at Ikot Ndien, Ikot Abasi.
Thanks, to all of you.  May God bless you all.  Amen.

Your Partner in Soul Winning Business,

Monday John Akpakpan.

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