Ilori Gbenga’s Jan-Mar 2021 Report


The WBS students from different denominations churches who study with the WBS correspondence courses  have completed there seven lessons course and now graduated. Now, some are studying the advance course. “Christian Life” and “The Church”. About 12students graduated and two have been baptized and added to the church of Christ Ewupe. Brother Gbenga Ilori(Evangelist COC Olugba),Brother Yakubu Jundu(Evangelist COC Ewupe) and Brother Dairo Joseph(Evangelist COC Ota) are the WBS Team workers doing these great Work in Ogun stare, Nigeria.

The 🎓 took place at Church of Christ Ewupe, Ogun state where we presented the graduant Certificate of completion and a copy of Bible to encourage them in 17th, January 2021. I enroll 200students with the WBS correspondence courses at “Legacy model seed school” Olugba, Ogun state in February and also enroll 150students at Imeko Comprehensive College, Imeko Ogun state, in March last week. 

I am now grading all my WBS students lessons with my WBS Team members. The WBS work in Ogun state is bringing more fruit in the kingdom of God Nigeria. 

Thanks. Gbenga Dare Ilori (WBS follow-up worker/Evangelist)

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