Alozie’s Update

It was pleasant  day yesterday, after  worship,  a brother  wedded. We sang melodiously and we had  visitors. The word was preached. The evangelism organized  by Cooperate Evangelism Outreach  was successful,  l sent  to them materials  from  Mission Printing (tracts).  Many Brethren  from this local government  and its environs  attended the program.  I Also  spoke on a topic’ By What  Authority ‘ we answer questions  from  the people  if the community. 

Thank you for your encouragement  and supports. I need  more  of your  support to host the children  SEMINAR. 

The picture of my wife,  my companion  in the ministry. Friend and mother,  the church  is proud her for  she teaches the Bible very well. 

Brother  Alozie Uzoma.

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