Visit to Ebonyi State

Greetings, everyone!

I’ve been under the weather and dealing with very serious Malaria and typhoid attacks for the past two week. I am pretty much feeling better as I continue to take dozes of the drugs given to me at the hospital even as I traveled for a mission trip to Ebonyi state. From dealing with this conditions, I didn’t have the time and even the needed strength to update you on the progress of work in the early part of this second month. Lord willing, I am catching up with my emails and other correspondence. I apologise for the delay!

There are a lot of people dealing with difficulties related to our recent harmattan weather. Three of my children were victims before me and I pray for all those who have been impacted.

Wherever you are reading this update from, I hope you’re staying safe and well!

I departed for Afikpo, Ebonyi State on Friday February 19 for a four days evangelism trip. Remember this trip was planned since October last year but due to COVID-19,  I suspended and thankfully this time, I was able to respond to this ” Macedonian call”.  It was almost a five hour trip from Akwa Ibom State to Ebonyi state and I really needed to rest for at least an hour plus before any other thing.

On Saturday 20th February, we gathered for the gospel lectures at the 1000 seating capacity lecture theatre of the school where I was billed to anchor the thematic analysis( “Laying the Foundation “) as well as speak on, ” Gathering Stones for the Mansion”. God was with me and I made a wonderful and soul touching presentation. Brother Eteka Umoh spoke on, ” The Power of Unity”. Several questions were asked during the open forum and we really tried to answer them scripturally. The event climaxed with a dinner in which funds were raised for the purchase of land for the permanent worship hall of the campus Church. Every activity went smoothly with all glory ascribed to God!

Today being Sunday February 21, I also worshipped with the campus brethren alongside other past preachers(whom yo see me stand with in the pictures). Brother Johnson Samuel and Victor Nwaguru taught the Bible class and preached respectively while I precided on the Lord’s table.  79 were in attendance and the sum of N14,000 realized!  I feel very happy in the way this church is growing and impacting lives in this academic environment. Be reminded that this congregation was established in 1994 while I was studying mechanical Engineering in the school.

I am billed to speak at Amaizu/Amangbara Church of Christ this evening and I will be teaching on “Man’s Limitations” Using Ezekiel 28: 1 -2, as study text. This will be the third year since I last visited this congregation. It will be exciting and glamouring meeting with these saints tonight and break “the bread of life”.

Tomorrow, God willing, I will be teaching the inmates at Afikpo Correctional Center from 11am to 2pm. I will distribute some few tracts and New Testament Bibles that I came with as well as give out some toiletries. In the evening, I will visit few families before returning to my hotel room to get ready to return home on Tuesday February 23 and meet my family with the saints. I consider this trip very successful and uplifting to many. Praise God!

Due to the very poor conditions of our Van which would have afforded my fellow laborers the opportunity to accompany me on this trip, I came alone through public transportation and lodged in one of the nearby hotels from where I operated to the venues of these outreaches still via public transportation!

I thank you all for your prayers and most especially my supporters. You’ve been wonderful people with great love for me and my work for Christ! Without your prayers and supports, we wouldn’t have achieved all that we’ve achieved!

For those who wish to also support our work and mission efforts, you are highly welcome! Your support will help us meet some of our pressing needs like the Van purchase, Bible purchase, block moulding work at the proposed Christian school etc. We have the mind and the men to work if you are out there getting ready to help!

Pray for my safe trip back on Tuesday from where I will update you on other issues relating to our work for Christ!

May God richly bless each and everyone of you!

In Christian love,

Sekeme Ekaiko

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