SWSE 2nd Semester KICKS OFF


Dear fellow servants of God.

Greetings in the  name of our Redeemer and Sustainer ,Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith. We appreciate everyone of you for making year 2020 a big success through your moral and financial supports . Without you this school will just be as dormant as a graveyard. Here is the summary of our December 2020 activities.


i-  Second Semester Classes and Instructors

ii-  Weekend Evangelism / Campaigns

iii-  End of the year program

iv- Great Workshop 2021


The Second Semester Classes for this 2020/21 set continued as scheduled. Bro. Isaac Olaniyan is handling  World Religions and the Book of Galatians; Bro. Andrew Adeolu is handling Christian Evidences and How we got the Bible; Bro. Kayode Solomon Eniafe is handling OTP(Major) and Evangelism-2; Bro.Silas Guda Mazi is handling LOC-2(Mark) and Hermeneutics 2; Bro. Makinde John (my second son,a Bsc holder in Agricultural Science from Federal University of Agriculture,Akure ,Ondo State and holder of Advanced Diploma from BVBIN ) is handling Hermeneutics-1;  Bro. Emmanuel Godwin(one of our BVBIN degree students) is handling Acts of the Apostles and Cost of Discipleship while I (Bro. Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi)is handling Research & Writing (Elementary), Homiletics-1 and Ministerial Counseling.

We closed on December 18 to allow our students participate in the end of the year activities. Classes will continue on January 4th through 22nd,2021 Lord’s willing.


According to our schedule, the students and staff of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan were busy every weekend in the evangelization of Butubutu village and environment, Jago / Kupalo, Badeku, Egbeda,Ajia and Asejire of Oyo and Osun State. Even though no conversion was recorded, still we were able to cover many places during this month evangelism and campaigns.


I (Bro. Makinde), Bro.Andrew Adeolu and Bro.Kayode S.Eniafe were the guests speakers at the end of the year program/ three days Mass Evangelism and Open-Air Bible Lectureship organized by the Lord’s church in Badeku town on December 24-26,2020 and we shall also be serving as the guests speakers on December 27-29,2020 at Egbeda congregation, Erunmu road, Egbeda Local Government,Oyo State. The theme of the three days Open-Air Bible Lectureship in the two congregations is Heaven or Hell… Where will you like to spend your eternity?


In preparation for the Annual Seminar for WBSFUW /Evangelists known as Great Workshop in the date yet to be announced by Nigerian Evangelism minister/ WBSFUW Coordinator,Bro. Chad Wagner, we have reserved 3,000 copies of Voice Of Truth International volumes 104,105,106 & 107 , 5,000 copies of WBS Introduction lessons, 400 copies of BVBIN & SWSE 2021 Calendar, 400 copies of my write-up on Evangelism and 400 copies of our 18th Annual Bible Lectureship booklet of August 2020 held at Butubutu village- the permanent home of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan for free distribution during the forth coming Great Workshop in Lagos State ,Lord’s willing.


Bro. Idowu Jonathan Authority is one of our present year-1 students. Admitted in August 2019. Born on September 2003 in Owode-Titun ,Ogun State. His father,Bro. Idowu Innocent is one of the leading members at Owode-Titun congregation,Ogun State. Baptized in early 2019. Presently our chapel prefect. His mission is to acquire more knowledge in the Scriptures in other to become a vessel of honor in the Lord’s church now after his University education.


Due to the economic instability and the rising cost of living in our country-Nigeria. It’s now mandatory for the school to balance up the remaining sum of N865,000($2,246)been loaned on September 2019 for the upgrading of the school buildings plan before this year runs out.

We therefore ,humbly appeal to you all to come to our rescue! No amount will be too small or big to help us out! Kindly send your contribution to us through Bro. Steven Ashcraft(Director- BVBID, West Africa Region) or Bro.Chad Wagner (Patron-SWSE,Ibadan,Nigeria & Coordinator of BVBIN)


Due to the rapid development of Ajia town- the home of the executive governor of Oyo State, Engineer Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde, our campus minister, Bro. Andrew Adeolu,who assisted for the period of one year in the restoration of some brethren in Jago congregation moved to Ajia town for the building up of this young congregation on December 15,2020 .


The SWSE (Southwest School of Evangelism) foundation members now appoint me to serve as the campus minister till someone occupied the position in the near future.

CONCLUSION: We appreciate those that have been there for us and all who played vital roles in helping us in the continuation of this preachers’ training program in this part of the world since year 2003. May God in His abundant blessings continue to bless our joint effort in Christ name, Amen. May the New Year  bring you more dew from heaven, give you abundant joy, peace and good health to take you, your family members and associate through the year 2021. HAPPY BOXING DAY AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR  TO YOU ALL !

I remain yours in His Grace as a servant…..Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE,Ibadan and WBSFUW)

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