WBS Seminar Held

 Progress Reports of the WBS Seminars/Evangelism held in 12 units of Akwa Ibom State.

        The WBS Seminar/Evangelism held was very successful. Here is the picture of the participants enclosed. 19 souls got baptized through WBS Lesson, here is the picture of the 19 souls enclosed to all, and all of them are new converts. During the Seminars/Evangelism, 8 new converts got baptized into Christ through Evangelism – House to House, here is the picture enclosed. There are many prospects to be followed-up by the Ministers of those congregations and also by me through phone calls and personal contacts.

        On December 6th to 11th 2020, Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom, Abak where I had WBS Office held her 66th Annual Lectureship. It was very interesting. They had 14 souls got baptized into Christ, here is the picture of those souls and also participants enclosed. They also were graduating 62 students and also 36 matriculating students of Nigerian Christian Bible College.

        On 18th December, 2020, CAO Essien Bible College in Ikot Usen held her 9th Graduation and Award Ceremonies. Here is the picture of the Matriculating Students from Obot Akara enclosed. Where I advised Bro. Emmanuel Essien to have a Study Center while Bro. Anameti Akpan focused on the enrollment of Non-Christian into WBS Materials.        On 29th December, 2020, a Youth/WBS Seminar was held at CAO Essien Bible College. Here is the picture of the participants, and those enrolled into WBS Lesson are enclosed.

Anameti Sunday Akpan

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