Sunday Solomon Udoh’s Report

 Greetings from my family and my fellow preachers in the Lord’s Vineyard. The year 2020 is about ending today. Thank you very much for sacrificing your resources to help me in the spread of the Gospel, especially in this trying period of Covid-19. May God’s name be praised! My Late brother – Ekpuk Solomon who died on Mid-November was finally buried on 26th December, 2020.

        I am forwarding the Reports of October, November and December, 2020 to you:

  • Evangelism Outreach in Atai Otoro has brought three souls for Christ during the quarter. One of them was baptized on early October, while the two were baptized on November.
  • Two souls were baptized on 4th October, after WBS Seminar at Edem Idim, Manta Abak.
  • A total of four souls were baptized during and after WBS Seminar/Evangelism Outreach at Ikot Oku Mfang.
  • WBS Awareness Campaign at Utu-Abak on 10th October witnessed many participants. Many of them were enrolled in the WBS Teaching Programme.
  • Men Bible Workshop took place at Ediene Ikot Akwa Ebom, Abak on 17th October, 2020.
  • After WBS Seminar at Ikot Ekpeyak on 25th October, two souls were baptized in the area.
  • Two WBS Students were baptized at the African Christian Secondary School (ACSS) Abak Usung Atiat during the quarter.
  • WBS Seminar and Evangelism Outreach was scheduled at Ikot Ekong in Mkpat Enin L.G.A on 29th November. The event witness both inside and outside activities.
  • Similar event took place at Ikot Obio Mkpong, Uyo L.G.A, on 6th December, 2020. Many people in the area indicated interest to study the Bible through WBS Teaching.
  • The three day Lectureship at Ukpom which came up on 9th to 11th December had a total harvest of fourteen souls added to the Church.
  • Sunday School Children activities at Atai Otoro on 20th December witnessed a lot of events on that day. Some of the activities were: Bible Quiz, Song Rendition by the Youths, Bible Recitation etc. Bibles, Song books, and other prizes were given to the winners.
  • Youth Bible Seminar came on Board on 29th December, 2020 with many youths and preachers in attendance.

Although we are witnessing the second wave of Covid-19 in Nigeria, with the controlling measures, being put in place by the government to avoid its spread; WBS Seminars, Evangelism, Workshops, Lectureships and Gospel Meetings will come in many areas in the next quarter of 2021.

We need your prayers and corporation. Thank you for your financial supports. May God bless you.

Yours in the Lord,

Sunday Solomon Udoh

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