Open-Air Preaching

May peace and love of God  be with  you and family. I always  appreciate  your teachings on video,  you can not know the number of souls you have touched,  but eternity  will  reveal,  keep on doing,  The  crown  is yours. Here,  l do not relent preaching  the word. 

Since last week,  l involved  the Church  and the two  Bible students from NIAITS who are on their practicum here  on house to house preaching,  We also conduct Open Air preaching  in the evening. We will also preach at one  square  this evening. Last Sunday,  three persons attended our worship, they ask questions, am doing the follow  up. 

I know. Before now,  our brethren  had informed  you the  high price on goods here., life had become  so tough because of inflation,  there is cry of hunger here. I do know the exact word to describe what am on now to feed my family  of  eight and the two bible students that are here. I know you will understand  my plight,  and  interpret  it and convey  to my sponsors. 

The pictures  show  when am about to go out to preach house to house with members and the evening  outing. I pray  for bountiful harvest.  I need your help fulfill  my ministry. 

Remain blessed. Alozie Uzoma. 

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