Quick Report from Moses Ogar

Greetings brethren,
I am glad to present to you this short report. It has been well with us. Despite covid 19 and the lockdown, preaching has been on with few conversion . There were two baptisms and one restoration that i am awere of . We give out World Bible school Lesson to few. We visit and pray for sick persons. God working it is well. 

WBS OFFICE AND MISSIONARY APARTMENT Works continue in the building of tiling the varandas, toilet and kitchen in apartment 1. Than construction of drainage to control erosion at the back of the building. Pictures were already sent 
to Supporters. As God provides we shall continue the work on the building.

EVANGELISM VEHICLES Tires of the old vehicle are old. Two are completely damaged. We can not carry Children to the Church the motor is already packed. The Springs of the new vehicle were changed from low to high. Big tires are now needed to be fixed in the new vehicle. This will be done when funds are available. We keep up with maintenance.
May God continue to bless you to support the work. God also protects you from covid19.

Remain blessed.
God has continue to heal me.
In Christian Love, Moses Ogar.

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