Lagos Island School Report


INTRODUCTION: Challenging time is really an opportunity to show the true strength of a Christian. The COVID 19 pandemic is no longer a news to all but the effect of it to the church, the school and the society will last long. The lockdown affected our classes for two months but we were able to resume class last month being May when Lagos State government gave permission for movement within the state.

The number of people we are reading or hearing having Corona Virus in our Country may not be the true picture, for some government leaders have seen this as an opportunity to make money from International body. Such attitude made them to continue to inflict the number. We pray that God will continue to protect his own children always.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Our classes resumed after the lockdown. Bro Oluwafemi Adewuyi taught the Book of James and Bro Emmanuel Odoh just concluded Godhead. Bro Etim Nfon who is the Coordinator of Ikorodu Center will be teaching the 3 Epistles of John from next Saturday. We have 17 students in our center presently however, 10 are regular in class while some have not resumed due to fear of the present situation.

WBS ONLINE STUDY HELPER: It is my pleasure to be found useful even during these challenging times. The Online World Bible School Project is a great one and is even becoming more effective this time that many are working from home. It is challenging that they choose to upgrade their site when needed most. The process has affected our online studies with our students.  I have been able to grow my WBS Online Students from 1,716 in beginning of May to 1,863 as at the 30th of June 2020. 2 students completed their courses during this period.

I want to thank God for using me in that capacity. 5 souls were added to the body of Christ during this period. “Kerry Lombard wrote Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for arranging my baptism. I was baptized on Monday and have been invited to a church. Feeling very blessed indeed. Regards Kerry. That was Kerry comment from South Africa. Join me to thank God and pray for her to be stable in the kingdom. The last was a family that Bro Titus Blair introduced to me. We will do more as God give us the privilege to serve Him.

CHALLENGES: We thank God for the authority of Bear Valley for the sacrifice in helping us study the word of God in this part of the world. The pandemic may continue to be a serious challenging factor to our work. We pray that it go down worldwide this period.

CONCLUSION: We are all pencils in the hand of God. More work will be done as we learn more to work and serve humanity.

Thanks and God bless you.


Lagos Island Center Director

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