MJA’s June 2020 Report

Dear Brethren,
Covid 19 Lock down make people to send me many phone calls with funny messages.  Their messages
become big encouragement in my work.
Here are some of the messages.
(a)  MJA you helped me to accept Christ in Baptism 45 years ago.  The topic of your sermon was “FAITH OR FEAR – what is your choice”.  For the Pandemic of Covid 19 going on in the World now, what is your Choice, Faith or Fear.  Answer was “FAITH”.
(b)  Another call was “Peace man who or what will separate you from the love of Christ?,  Will Covid 19?  Read Rom. 8:35 – 39”.  Covid 19 cannot separate us from the love of Christ, was my answer.
(c)  Another call was M. J. Akpakpan, your sermon during the burial of my grand Daddy two years ago was “BLESSED ARE THE DEAD  WHICH DIE IN THE LORD FROM HENCEFORTH.  Rev. 14:13;  So many people are dying now.  How many of them are dying in the Lord?  Those who are baptize into Christ and live in Christ faithfully will receive blessing from God when he or she dies.  That was my answer.  There were very many calls that make me to sit up well in my work of fishing of souls for the Lord.
Here are what took place in June 2020.
–  At Odukpani we had 5 baptisms and 2 restorations.-  Adiasim in Essien Udim, 5 WBS students were baptized.-  At Church of Christ Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono, Uyo, 5 people were baptized.-  Abak Itenghe Congregation 2 people (a grand mother/grand son) were baptized during Wednesday
   Bible Class.-  Anameti reported 1 baptism from Ikot Oku Mfang Congregation.
A big thank you to the person that sent $500 to me to buy Bibles.  Total number of Bible bought for that money was 200 (100 big KJV  and 100 big RSV). 

The problem I am having is transportation.  I am facing this problem for more than two years.

I appreciate your support financially, materially and Spiritually.  Thank you all.  Keep praying for us.

Your Partner in Evangelism work, Monday Akpakpan.

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