Update-June 28 2020

Dear brethren & family,

Greetings from my lovely family and the saints  at Utu Ikot Ekpo!

I do hope that all of you are staying safe and well during this pandemic.

Nigeria continues to have  growing cases of the virus after the government eased the lockdown partially last month. As at yesterday Nigeria had 21,077 confirmed cases, 8625 discharged cases and 558 deaths. In Akwa Ibom State, we have 83 confirmed cases, 43 discharged cases and 2 deaths. The government is planning another lockdown because of incessant flouting of the Covid-19 directives by people and we are afraid that things will become more difficult while hunger will be the order of the day.

But we do not loose hope on God who controls the universe!

We had an inspiring worship service today. Our new brother Imeh Monday led in songs. I taught the Bible class on the topic ” Habits” I taught about good and bad habits as well as making some suggestions or examples of good habits that Christians needs to be incorporating in their daily lives. These include daily bible reading, daily bible study, daily prayer, daily cross bearing, daily meditation, daily exhortation, daily teaching and daily growth. I also pointed out some bad habits that the Christians need to break to include: putting other things before God, laziness,  poor stewardship, murmuring and complaining etc. I concluded that cultivating good habits in the above areas will help one to have a fuller and more meaningful lives as Christians, and also enable one to have a good influence on all those who observe our lives ( Col.3:9-10). I also preached on ” why one must go to every service of the church”.

The attendance today was 24 with a visitor.

On Sunday June 21, the church in my village had one baptism and today the preacher, brother Jackson reported another two married women obeying the gospel. I would be meeting with these three converts today since they all come from my village in order to encourage them. Their names are: Emediong Eseme Abijah(m), Idorenyin Christopher (F),  and Mrs. Mbakobong Johnson Charles. Please join us to pray for this new family!

As I stated earlier, we still have several completed lessons that we will be sending to your end once international mail is allowed. Few days ago, I was privileged to have a bible discussion class with over 30 young people in Etim Ekpo county headquarters. The discussions was quite successful as I shared some printed articles to these young people. I also received their contacts and phone numbers so that Bible correspondence course introductions can be sent to each of them as soon as the pandemic is over.

Our office at Abak continues to open and we continue to receive lessons as well as gives out tracts and other study materials to those that are interested.

Continue to pray for our efforts and thank you for being a part!

Finally, I wish to remind you to prayerfully and financially consider my earlier appeal for some financial assistance $1200) to enable us buy a strong and better generator that will help us pump our borehole water. For some months now my family have had very stressful moments going to fetch water in a far place. Moreover, those around us who benefitted from the free water are grossly affected as they now have to trek a considerable distance to buy water even with their very low income and  poor conditions resulting from this COVID-19 pandemic. You can also help us buy food for most of these people that are victims of this pandemic. It will be a big relief and a good work. Send whatever you wish to contribute to Chad Wagner at wagner.chada@gmail.com.

Thank you all for being a part of this work. Remember Godwin Frank in your prayers as well as the new ‘babes’.

May God bless you richly as you help to spread the word.(1 Corinthians 15:58).

In Christian love,

Sekeme Ekaiko

N/B: Below are pictures of me & Mmemaobong, my wife and my mother Jenny.

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