Update from SWSE

Greetings from Nigeria. I am writing to inform you that the BVBIN WEEKEND SCHOOL in Nnyanya -Abuja resume Classes on June 9  and also have class on June 12 during the public holiday while that of Kado -Abuja resume classes today.
Other BVBIN WEEKEND SCHOOLS are doing well.
Twenty five students were in class today in Ikorodu, twenty-four in Agege and eleven in Lagos Island.
I work today with the group that evangelized Egbeda town today and other three groups evangelized Ajia town, Jago and Butubutu and the last group evangelized Asejire -Osun State.
We are also doing fine in Butubutu village, Ibadan.
NB :Attached pictures are some of the pictures of classes held in Butubutu village for the Diploma programs  .
I will continue my teaching on The Marks of the Sound Church at Egbeda congregation tomorrow Lord’s willing .
Thanks for your great commitment to serving the Lord and humanity.
Have a great worship tomorrow with the Lord.
Sincerely yours in His grace as a servant…… Makinde

Degree Class Concluded

Greetings from Butubutu village, Ibadan.
We conclude this week degree program with ten students happily this evening .
I taught on The Fundamentals of the Faith -2 with two tests.  One on Wednesday and the second this Friday .
Most of our students are now in four different centers for this weekend Evangelism.
I am working with a group in Egbeda till tomorrow evening.
Big thanks for your great support.
Have a great weekend.
Sincerely yours in His Grace as a servant……. Makinde

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