Progress report for Umuneke Ngor Okpala

Progress Report Umuneke Ngor Okpala

The Umuneke work is progressing on 13th Feb. 2020, I went to study with a prospect Mr Romanus Nwachukwu, after studying and answering questions, he asked me to come and teach to the congregation (Church Of God Mission) where he worshipped. I welcomed the idea with great joy. I went and worshiped with them on 16th February, 2020, though they were small, just 3 men and a lady but after studying and answering their questions, they were happy and said they have not heard of such teachings or about the new testament church before. They agreed with me to be coming every Sunday till March ends, and what they want is the truth, and are willing to accept it, if convinced. On 23rd of February, 2020 I worshipped them again and they were 9 in number that day, I attach their picture. So brother, pray for the progress of the work at Umuneke Ngor Okpala.

God bless you.

In his service

Theophilus Njoku

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