Nov/Dec 2019 Report


I have been studying through the Godhead with Abdul Suleiman and this month of November and December we are going to take a look at “WHAT DOES THREE PERSONS IN ONE MEAN” we have seen that God is composed of three persons, each of whom have all the characteristics of Deity. The Bible presents three persons and only three, with Divine titles. Notice Haggai 2:5-7. Three Beings are mentioned as Deity: The Lord of Hosts, the spirit and the Desire of All Nations. The Desire of all nations is clearly a reference to Jesus. In a similar manner, these same three Beings are mentioned as God and mentioned together in Matthew 28:19. In this passage, the word “Name” is singular. Thus three beings make up the one name. Furthermore, the Apostle Paul refers to all three together in 2Corinthians 13:14. The idea of the Godhead would not be expected to be seen much in the Old Testament, yet many statements in the Old Testament are certainly consistent with the doctrine of the Godhead. One of the clearest is the use of plurals in respect to God. If God is one, then only singular forms should be used in respect to God. Yet, the Hebrew name for God, Elohim is plural in form that by itself would not necessarily indicate plurality, see Genesis 1:26. The word “said” is singular, but the verb “Let us make” is plural, as are “our image” and our likeness’. Other similar examples can be found Genesis 3:22. Notice one more example this time from Isaiah 6:8. The shift of number from singular to plural is significant.


We have seen that the Bible plainly declares God to be one, yet at the same time, declares and indicates a plurality in form at other places. How can we understand this mysterious concept? God is one, but he is not one in number, but one in essence or unity. Consider the best known unity passage in the Bible, Deuteronomy 6:4-5 the Hebrew had two words for one. One word indicates one or uniqueness, such as when Abraham is told to offer his only son. Another word, which is used in Deuteronomy 6, indicates a unity or composite of several factors. This same word is used in Genesis 2:24. Several analogies have been proposed to illustrate the Godhead but none are perfect. The Godhead has been compared to water, which can exist as a solid, liquid or vapor. The main problem with that illustration is that water cannot exist in all three forms at the same time. The Godhead has been compared to an egg which is composed of a shell, yoke and white but it is still one egg. The Godhead has also been compared to several physical objects another illustration is that a human being can be a father, son, and husband to the same person. I particularly like an illustration from the Bible. In Genesis 2:24, God commands that man should leave father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Obviously they remain two separate individuals, but they should be completely united. Similarly, in John 17:11 Jesus prayed that Christians would be one just as He and God were one. Obviously, all Christians cannot literally become one person. Likewise, Paul said that “he that plants and he that waters are one 1Corinthians 3:8 “of course, we must realize that that factors limiting the oneness of human beings do not apply to God, thus the Godhead is united to a much greater extent than humans. Another way of looking at the Godhead is to view the Godhead as a society, a complex of persons. They are bound together by love for God is love 1John. 4:8, 16. Love binds them so closely that they are one. Love requires a subject and an object. Thus, before the creation, God could not have really loved unless He was more than one. This may seem in sufficient, but there are several limiting factors among human beings that is not present in Deity. We are separated by physical bodies. Since God is a spirit, He does not have that limitation. All humans have differing experiences which affect all aspects of our lives. Obviously that limitation is also not present with God. All humans are preoccupied with one’s self, one’s own needs and problems, but that preoccupation is not part of God’s nature. All of these factors, and maybe more, make it impossible for us to completely focus on understand or empathize with other humans; however those limitations are not true with God, thus He is able to be completely united to a much greater extent than is possible with human beings.


In this series of lessons we have been attempting to explain the concept of the Godhead. While we cannot completely understand it, hopefully this study has enabled us to better comprehend it. And even more so, strengthened our faith in this vital doctrine. The Godhead is composed of three persons or centers of consciousness, but all are so completely united that they become one. All three beings of the Godhead interpenetrate one another, supply life to the others, and all are involved in all aspects of the work of God. Furthermore on November and December 2019 Reports we had evangelism at Nonwa in Tai Local Government Area on the23rd Nov, 2019 with prospects by name Success Guadu and Daniel and follow up is regular. while on the 22nd Dec, 2019 we have Evangelism at Sime Tai and also have three prospects namely Happiness Monday, James Amanikpo and Friday Njaga. Their problem has been knowing the Bible dispensations e.g patriarchal, Mosaic and Christian age and how to rightly divide the word of truth. We buried bro Emmanuel Ndorn age 80years on the 21st of Dec, 2019. The church here extents greetings to you and wishes you a prosperous new year in advance for more propagation of the word of God for the purpose of salvation. Year 2020 is yet another year for us to strive for the course of Christ and win more souls, thus obeying the commandment of our Great God Jesus Christ. Mark 16:15-16, May you everlastingly remain blessed in the Lord for this Great work you have undertaken for the Salvation of lost Souls Amen.


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