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Makinde Olufemi
Grace, peace and mercies be multiplied unto you all from God our Father and from Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our faith.Below are report of some of our activities in the Lord from October 31 through November 30,2019.

OVERVIEW:1.  Gospel meetings, mass evangelism/ Gospel Camp.2. Vocational Weeks / Break outcome3.Second Semester Classes Commenced4.Budget for 2019/20 Academic Session.

MASS EVANGELISM/ GOSPEL CAMP IN EGBEDA TOWN : With the support of $500 from Bro.Steven Ashcraft and associate, we were able to work with Omu-Aran congregation in Kwara State from October 31 through November 3, Ode-Ajagba congregation in Ondo State from November 14 through 17 and with Egbeda congregation in Ajia and Egbeda town from November 22 through 30.We thank the Almighty God for crowning our joint efforts with five conversions and restoration of ten. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

VOCATIONAL WEEKS / BREAK : Our year-1 students engaged in different Vocational training for four weeks while our final year (year -2)students helped their local church in many way such as House-to-house evangelism, open-air preaching, visitation and private indoor Bible Studies with non- members during their four weeks break.Report reaching us from the students shows the conversion of 14 and restoration of 14 erring Christians.

SECOND SEMESTER CLASSES COMMENCED : All our students reported fully for second semester classes as scheduled on November 18,2019.Classes for second semester  begins on November 18 through December 20 and January 6 through 31,2020 Lord’s willing. The students will be on two weeks break from December 21 through January 4,2020 to enable them participate actively in the end of the year programs in their congregations.

BUDGET FOR 2019 / 2020 SESSION: (August 26,2019 – July 10,2020 Lord’s willing)A) Proposed expenses:i- 25 Students feeding allowance = $10,000ii- 6 Instructors & Secretary allowance =$7,000iii-  Students Vocational Training =$1,000iv-  Electrification (Fuel & Repairs) =$2,000v-  Weekend Evangelism/Campaigns =$1,000vi – Printing (Tracts & Newsletter)=$2,000vii- Papers (Photocopies &Computers)=$500viii- Drugs for students & staff= $300ix- Miscellaneous = $200TOTAL = $24,000=B) Expectations :i- From Bro.Steven Ashcraft & Associates = $10,000ii-From Bro. Chad Wagner &Associates =$10,000iii- From Nigerian brethren & Lough family =$4,000 TOTAL =$24,000****

BVBIN -AGEGE ,LAGOS STATE ORGANIZED FIRST ANNUAL BIBLE LECTURESHIP : With the support of BVBID and contributions from brethren in Lagos State, The BVBIN in Agege town of Lagos State organized their first Annual Bible Lectureship on November 30,2019 which centered on CHURCH AUTONOMY to create more awareness for the needs of Training Schools for workers in the Lord’s Vineyard. I, Bro. Makinde Ebens spoke on ” Congregation Autonomy”…,.To What Extent ? while Bro .Emmanuel Odoh spoke on Church Discipline.

ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro.Oladejo Alabama is one of our final year students. Born in year 1996 and was converted in year 2015.His mission is to be one of the missionary after his tertiary education. He is the only Christian in the family of twelve.

WBS PROGRAM EXTENSION: Our World Bible School Follow Up team extend the recruiting of students for WBS correspondence courses to Offa in Kwara State in the month of November. Four schools were visited by our team and over 1,000 introduction lessons freely distributed and posted to WBSTC %  Bro.Joel Coppinger 

SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT  / SWSE BUILDINGS’ PLAN UPGRADED : With the loan of N1,315,000($3,800) we were able to upgrade our school buildings’ plan according to the directive of Oyo State Government in the month of November 2019.

SPECIAL  CHALLENGES: We are indebted to the sum of N2,115,000($6,043). N1,315,000 for upgrading the School buildings’ plan and N800,000 for the money loaned on September to purchase the School’s bus for rural and local evangelism.

UPCOMING EVENT : Our 18th Annual Leadership Seminar is coming up Lord’s willing on January 27-29,2020. Theme of the seminar is LEADERSHIP FOR CHRIST JESUS and our Guest Speaker is Bro.Chad Wagner

CONCLUSION : Thanks to you all for your assistance in many ways. May the Lord keep us fit in His way till death is our fervent prayers Your fellow servant of God,Makinde E. Olufemi(The Chief Servant of BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan)

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