Evangelism Report for Malawi


This month has been very unique comparing from last month of October.
From the beginning up the end of this month , I have been working in apologetically because of the newly introduced doctrine brought by some preachers and elders of Falls church of Christ.
This doctrine has main three roots such as:
1) The church should work together with NGOs as its main source of funds.
2) The church should have secretariat offices. In other words Head Office based on regional level.
3) The church should be in fellowship with all so called churches of Christ regardless of their art of worship. Which is contrary to what apostle John wrote in his first letter.”They went out from us, but they were not of us, for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us; but they went out , that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.” ( 1 John 2:19).
Once I saw this, it has given me a very tough time to work day and night to do my level best tryin to refute this false doctrine.
I’m busy writing different materials and sharing them to my colleagues in various places in the central region.

November 2
I taught at Mtsiliza preachers training school. There was a low turn up due to poor communication with students.

November 3 (Sunday)
I preached at Kalulu Church of Christ and one woman was baptized.

November 5
I was busy writing lessons at home ready for the church meeting which was held on 9th November at Kalieka. Some of the lessons include Church government, Apostasy and Bible Authority.

November 8
I spent more time in copies of the lessons written. Almost 200 copies were produced which costed me a lot.

November 9
I and my fellow preachers called Church leaders from all corners of Lilongwe to discuss about the new doctrine which was introduced in the church by some of preachers at Falls church of Christ. Amazingly during that meeting, one of the Falls elders strongly declared that they will work with NGO’s and be in fellowship with those bear the name of Christ regardless of their art of worship. After his speech , every one was shocked and there was a silence of some seconds.

November 10 (Sunday)
I taught the Bible class about the role of a preacher in the Lord’s church at Kalambo Church of christ. Soon after that Sunday service, One boy was baptized.

November 14
I conducted a Door to door preaching and visitation of weak church members. During that exercise, Lajab’s wife, a member of Kalambo was reconciled to the church.

November 16
We had a very long class at Kasungu boma on a family issue. We met with all preachers and teachers from all sides of Kasungu district. Due to lack of time, we failed to conclude the lesson, we agreed to finish the other day. We adjourned up to 30th November, 2019

November 17 (Sunday)
I continued teaching my class at Kalambo about the role of a preacher in the church. After teaching 4 consecutive Sundays, on preachership the church appointed two brothers to serve as full time preachers. At Sunday night we had a preachers discusion to find ways of how to prevent the church in Lilongwe from false doctrine which has just been introduced. We agreed to warn the church elders as quickly as possible as apostle Paul did in Acts 20:17-30.

November 20
Then I decided to produce more copies of different lessons to be distributed all over in order to prevent the church from falling away. My children helped me to do the arrangement of copies.

November 22
I spent a full day at a stationary bureau producing copies of lessons. I paid for typing , printing as well as photocopying. Indeed it was a hard task.

November 23
Taught two classes which I introduced just a week ago at Mtsiliza weekend Bible school. The new subjects I introduced were: Apologetics and Hermeneutics. We have remained with only one month to complete this year’s school sessions

November 24 (Sunday)
We had a burial ceremony of our church member. We invited all neighboring churches of Christ to help in preaching and singing during that funeral service. We concluded our Sunday worship night there by commemorating the Lord’s supper. I was the middle man between the family members, chiefs and the church. The deceased sister was the only church of Christ member in the family of CCAP denomination.

November 27
I had a special discussion with my fellow preachers of Lilongwe east at my house. Our discussion focused on calling the elders of our area to see how the work been done during last three months and what will be the way forward in order to make sure that most people in the area have got access to the gospel.

November 28
Two brothers have gone out in other districts of the central region to distribute the warning letter about what has happened in Lilongwe with the church of christ at falls. This letter includes the name of Msamba Banda being one of the preachers at Falls church which has fallen away.

It has been a very busy month because of the stand which the old church at Falls had declared on November 9 at a meeting held at Kaliyeka. This is one of the older congregations in Malawi which established some years ago around 1958. It is a very sad thing to lose like such congregation, as result many baby congregations will follow suit. And it has now being observed that, they are convincing more churches in the city of Lilongwe to be at their side by promising them some more physical things, which they will get from the NGOs which they are working with. What is happening here is just the fulfillment of what apostle Paul already said that there must be divisions among us so that the approved must be shown. (1 Corinthians 11:19). Lastly, I would like to thank you for your prayers as well as financial support.

But the Means of transport , remains my only big challenge in evangelism. I’m praying that one day God will provide. You may include this need in your daily prayers. Thank you very much for bearing with me. May God Bless you. AMEN !
Yours in Christ Jesus,
Alick B. Chunga.
Mobile : +265999795649
e-mail: alickbilliat2018@gmail.com

Alick is a good brother in Nigeria who is in serious need of support and help. I always look forward to working with him when I go to Malawi. If you can help, you can do so here: https://accc.kindful.com/?campaign=582115

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