NIATS holds Preachers Seminar

The Nigerian Institute of Arts and Theological Studies (NIATS) has gone on vacation to resume for the new academic year on the 1st week of October. We had two days preachers seminar last week. It was well attended- more than 200 preachers attended. Discussions were on pentecostalism & other unscriptural incursions. We really need regular study periods like this, l hope this will be sustained. Once again  thanks so much for your concern for the Lord’s vineyard. May God also take care of you & your family in Jesus name.


Join us to thank God on behalf of my mother who survived two sides surgical operation at the age of 87 years. We are happy because it was life threatening but God has granted her Victory. We had the thanksgiving service last Sunday, to God be the glory in Jesus name. See her picture.


From Bro Osita Bernard Akokwu

**If you’d like to help this struggling school of preaching in Nigeria, you can do so here.

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