WBS Seminar held at Denominationl Church

       On 4th August, 2019, W.B.S Seminar/Evangelism was held in the city Church of Christ Udoekpo Lane. The seminar was very interesting. I have registered many students into W.B.S lessons and also some prospects outside was recorded.

        On 24th August, 2019, W.B.S seminar was held in the “Christ Faith Church” at Ukanafun L.G.A. on the topic “Christ and the Church”. The members of Christ faith Church paid good attention to the topic and all of them were very happy including the children. I have registered up to 95 prospects into W.B.S lesson. The pastor and the leaders of the Christ Faith Church told me that I should come again so as to conduct W.B.S seminar for them. Whenever I hear from them I will let you know. Bro. Chad, I am in need of your prayers. Here are the pictures displayed for you. 

Bro. Anameti Akpan.

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