February 2018 Mission Report from Mojima Etokudo, Nigeria

Greetings to you in Christ precious name, hope this mail meet you well.

The month of February 2018 was very hectic, challenging and fruitful
in my ministry.

On Saturday February 3, the Akwa Ibom State WBS FOLLOW UP WORKERS
treat brother  Chad Wagner the President of African Christian School
foundation to a reception at the Nigerian Christian Bible College
(NCBC) Abak and I was part of the organizing committee.

Same February 3, I was on a follow up mission on an internet WBS
student (Ime Inuaeyen) referred to me from Mike Udam through Douglas
Wheeler. After speaking with Ime Inuaeyen who was a pastor of a Redeem
Christian church denomination for over two hours about the New
Testament church, he was convince and was baptized into Christ witness
by some members of our WBS Evangelism Team.  See attached photos.

On Sunday February 4, more harvest thrilled the church as Two (2) put
on Christ at Ikot Odiong in baptism after my sermon.

On the same Sunday February 4, Three (3) Souls obeyed the Gospel at
Ikot Akpan Eyo.

On Tuesday February 6, I led members of our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism
Team to the 2018 WBS Great Workshop at Abakaliki in Ebonyi State.
There I was a guest speaker speaking on “Introduction To WBS
Evangelism Team”

On Wednesday February 7 Still at the WBS Great Workshop, I have an
encounter of the WORD with the denominational church FOUNDER “Pastor
Umoke Nicodemus” of Living Christ Ministry who obeyed the gospel and I
baptized him into Christ witness by many at the Great Workshop.

Again same day February 7, I preached to Mrs Peace Morris who also
obeyed the Gospel this time around 7.00pm and the brethren there lead
us to the river and I baptized her into Christ.

On Thursday February 8, still at the WBS Great Workshop during the
general door to door Evangelism campaign another Five (5) souls obeyed
the Gospel through the collective efforts of the participants at the
Great Workshop.

In all at the 2018 WBS Great Workshop at Abakaliki, a total of seven
(7) souls obeyed the Gospel.

The Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team arrived home from the Great Workshop
at Abakaliki on Friday February 9 in the evening and they all slept in
my home.

On Saturday February 10, I and my co laborers who slept in my house
went on a follow up mission of a Deaconess of a Full Gospel church
denomination whose husband has been a Christian for over twelve (12)
years,  she obeyed the Gospel and I baptized her “Idongesit Uduak
Thompson” into Christ who is now united with her husband Spiritually
worshiping now at Church of Christ in Ikot Ikpe village witness by her
husband and our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team

On Sunday February 11, I worshipped and preached the sermon at Ikot Odiong.

On same Sunday February 11,  my co laborers brake news that One (1)
soul obeyed the Gospel at Church of Christ in Ikot Akpan Afaha while
another one (1) soul obeyed the Gospel at our newly planted
congregation at Ikot Osute. So on that Sunday 11th, Two (2)  souls
obeyed the Gospel.

On Monday February 12, some of our Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team embark
on Evangelism campaign at Ikot Osute using a hired MegaPhone for open
air preaching, another one (1) soul obeyed the Gospel and was baptized
into Christ.

On Friday and Saturday 16 & 17, I was in Uyo via Oron for the Oro
Preachers Retreat and WBS Evangelism Team inauguration were I work
with Mike Udam, Bassey Esang, Osita Onuora, Samson Alabi and Cornelius

On Sunday February 18, I and my wife “Ekaette” worship at Ikot Osute
our ten (10) weeks old church planted during our WBS Evangelism Team
campaigns on December 10, 2017 were I preached my sermon from James
1:13-16, a soul baptized into Christ after hearing my sermon and I did
the baptism in the River witness by other brethren

A total of 18 Souls Baptized Into Christ in February, 2018. The
breakdown is as follows : At
* Ikot Osute………..  = 3
* Ikot Akpan Eyo…. = 3
* Ikot Akpan Afaha. = 1
* Ikot Ikpe……………. = 1
* Ikot Odiong………. = 2
* WBS Internet student =1 new worshipping at Uyo .
* Great Workshop Abakaliki =7
We give God the glory for this addition to the kingdom of Christ.

My wife Ekaette lost her mom through earthly death and On Saturday
February 24, the funeral service was held.

On Sunday February 25, I and my family worshipped at Ikot Akpan Eyo
were I preached the sermon. It was so refreshing as many asked
questions about the New Testament church and Bible answers was given.

The Ukanafun WBS Evangelism Team and the students of the Nigerian
Christian College of Evangelism (NCCE) Ukanafun did so well in the
preaching of Christ using different methods which includes :
* Door to door Evangelism
* Open air evangelism
* Tract distributions
* WBS enrollments
* WBS students follow up
* WBS /Bible Seminars
* Food/Clothing for Needy distribution
* Visitations etc.

Pray for more of His grace and strength on us all to do more for
Christ and His church.

Pray for our newly planted congregations as day by day souls are added
to Christ for them to grow and become mature in the faith.

Pray for our Free Preacher’s training school the “Nigerian Christian
College of Evangelism (NCCE) Ukanafun who has laboured for 3 years now
training men for the kingdom, our students serves in our newly planted
congregations and most of our denominational pastors convert are
trained to know the proper way to divide the Word of Truth. NCCE is
purely self sponsored.

Pray for the following challenges :

We need Mega Phones used with battery to help our team and the newly
planted congregations in the rural areas carry out her out door
Evangelism campaigns.

Pray for mobility for my co laborers serving in the newly planted
congregations to help with their Evangelism, visitations and follow up

We plan to hold a WBS Seminar At Ikot Osute Village this March to
strengthen the newly fast growing congregation, pray for success.

With the advent of Seven (7) newly planted congregations between
2013-2017 through our efforts, I plan to have the following :

* Preachers support fund
* Land purchase /church building fund.

My vision here is as God blessed our efforts day by day and churches
are planted through our efforts, we need finances to support preachers
who labour to keep the Souls as I can not do the work alone and my
family size is growing, my children school fees and other things, also
when churches start and grow, the need to be in her permanent land and
building become necessary as worshipping in someone’s house for too
long does not encourage many who do not understand the church to come
in and it doesn’t give the church Independence if the owner of the
house who housed the church is not acting the way of the Lord etc.

So my idea here is if these Preachers support and Land purchase
/church building fund has God’s approval, then we can manage whatever
little we had as His grace reaches us to take care of this needs as I
can’t stop preaching the Gospel, baptizing those who obeyed and can’t
also stop planting new congregations when need arises but it requires
Barnabas a little monthly or quarterly financial support to keep the
work until they become mature in faith. So please share this idea with
the saints and if this seems to offend you or any, my apologies.

Thank you for your prayers which has really payoff. God bless you and
your endeavors.

Our prayers continues with you for successful endeavors till we meet
at the eternal home in Heaven, while praying for an opportunity to
meet with you again and again in God’s mission field here Lord willing
to continue working together for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Again, thank you and God bless.

In Christ,
Mojima Etokudo

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