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The World Bible School Abuja Team was formed in 2017, for the primary purpose of using the WBS platform as a tool for evangelism in Abuja and its environs. Its objectives are as follows;

  • To use WBS as a tool (artillery) for evangelizing Abuja and its environs.
  • To influence young minds and catch them young for Christ.
  • To help young Christians grow to maturity and be rooted in the doctrine of Christ.
  • To work with the Churches of Christ in Abuja so as to grow numerically and spiritually.

The Team’s target area of operation includes the followings; Secondary/Higher schools, Work places, communities/Associations and Churches. It’s proposes activities are as follows; Trainings, Sensitization exercise, Lectureship/Seminar, Open-Air Evangelism etc.  Among the members of the team are; Preachers, Evangelists, Teachers, Youth Workers etc.

As part of its activities, the team organized a seminar for denominational members, friend of the church, new converts etc. This prompted the visit of the Missionary, Bro Chad Wagner to Abuja (out of his busy schedules in Nigeria) on 26-29th January 2018.

The Theme of the seminar is “Salvation Through Christ”, with topics such as ‘Jesus and His Church and The Plan of Salvation‘ to be discussed.


Day 1: Friday, 26th January 2018.

At the airport to receive the missionary, Bro Chad Wagner were Bro Moses Obakemi, Uche Onyieke, Francis Bassey and Alabi Samson. He arrived at about 12.30pm and was taken straight to his accommodation. We met with Bro Samuel Agbogun (Elder CoC Kado) and discuss on the WBS Abuja Team and the Seminar.

We later left for the Team meeting at CoC Kado around 3pm. Various issues of interest to the Team were discussed with the missionary, among which are the followings; The need to have a full WBS office and materials in Abuja to cater for the Northern part of Nigeria; Support (financial) to Follow-Up Workers and interested preachers who will work for the growth of WBS Program in Abuja and other Northern states; The need to have a Bible School in Abuja, to train preachers who will work in the Northern part of Nigeria; Partnership with Churches of Christ on using WBS materials for Edification, WBS versus ABS (African Bible School), etc. The Missionary commended the efforts of the Team and promised to look into all the issues raised, after consulting with necessary authorities and groups. The meeting came to an end around 4.55pm.


Bro Chad Wagner, Moses Obakemi, Felix Ekpenyong, Godwin Ivoke, Solomon Asuquo, Francis Bassey, Uche Onyieke, Effiong Effiong, Alabi Samson and Abiodun Adegoroye. The Missionary was later hosted to a dinner by Bro P.S Egure (Elder CoC Kado) at his residence, before going back to his accommodation.


Day 2:  Saturday 27th January 2018.

The Inaugural Seminar of the World Bible School, Abuja Team begins with arrival of the WBS Missionary, Chad Wagner and other resource persons. Moderated by Bro Jonathan Inobeme (CoC Dutse-Alhaji), the program started at about 10.30am with the opening prayer by Bro Kennedy Abrotu (Minister, CoC Angwa-dodo Gwagwalada). Bro P.S. Egure (Elder, CoC Kado) welcome the participants and analyze the theme of the Seminar, after which there was a brief introduction of the World Bible School by Bro Alabi Samson.

The first keynote, taken by Bro Moses Obakemi (Minister CoC Nyanya) discussed the topic “Jesus and the Church”. He highlighted the characteristics of the church that Jesus promised in Matt. 16:18 and other churches today. The second keynote delivered by Bro Chad Wagner (WBS Missionary), on the topic “The Plan of Salvation” centered on the scriptural passage of Rom. 3:21-26.

The testimonies of former WBS students were a great motivation and encouragement to all. Bro Obakemi told the story of how the WBS converted him from being a denominational pastor to a member and preacher of the church. Other testimonies from Bro Stephen Omonale (from CAC to the church), Bro Igho Okpako (from Celestial and other denominations to the church) and Bro Attah Ikharo (from Deeper Life church to the Church) confirmed the physical and spiritual benefits of the WBS program.

The Interactive Session had questions and answers on the followings issues; The Church of Christ, Tithe, Prophesies etc.  In attendance were members of over seven denominational churches, which include Living Faith Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Anglican Church, Light House Church, WHOFA Church, Mountain of Fire Church etc, and many evangelism prospects/new convert of the Church of Christ. The total attendance was 67 participants, while over 150 enrolment and WBS Introductory Lessons were distributed.

The Call for Baptism by Bro Uche Onyieke witness the conversion and submission to baptism of 1 participant named Tim Thomas. The program came to a successful end with the closing remarks by Bro Alabi Samson, appreciating all that made the event a success, especially the members of other denominations, while the closing prayer was said by Bro Jonathan Inobeme at 2.30pm.

The high point of the event was the request for visitation and enrolment from some Churches of Christ in attendance and partnership between the WBS Abuja Team and the WBS Club of the University of Abuja, coordinated by Bro Doka Junior (CoC Old Kutunku, Gwagwalada). The Team members with the Missionary later did the baptism at the Church of Christ Nyanya baptistry. It was an interesting, educative and highly motivational program as confessed by some participants. We give God the glory for the enablement.

Special thanks to the Team members, especially the Preachers (Bro Obakemi, Onyieke, Kennedy, Felix, Godwin, Solomon etc) who sacrificed their time and resources, and others such as Bro Francis, Omota, Edidiong etc. Special thanks to those who supported financially, such as Bro Attah, Igwe, Umana, Blessing, Mike, Obakemi, David, Eyeifia, Edidiong, Smart etc. We indebtly grateful to Bro P.S. Egure and Samuel Agbogun (Elders CoC Kado) for the accommodation of the Missionary and Sis Adegoroye (Caterer) for the refreshment and support. May God bless you all abundantly beyond your expectations.

The Team later hosted the Missionary to a dinner date at CHOPSTICKS RESTAURANT, Maitama Abuja. It was indeed an exciting experience (he really enjoyed the meal) for him and he expressed his appreciation towards the gesture.

Day 3: Sunday 28th January 2018.

The day began with the invitation to the “Let the Bible Speak” on Raypower 100.5 FM Radio by 7am. The Missionary, Bro Chad Wagner was in the studio with the Radio team before 7am for the program. It was a wonderful presentation by the Missionary as he highlighted the objectives and benefits of WBS program to the listening public in Abuja. In attendance at the Radio Station were Bro Abiodun Adegoroye, David Akpata, Felix Ekpenyong, Chad Wagner and Alabi Samson. The program came to an end by 7.30.

The Missionary later worshipped with the Church of Christ, Kado, Abuja.

The scheduled meeting with the CoC Kado Elders by the WBS Abuja Team commenced at 1.30pm at the Elder’s Chamber. In attendance were Bro Abiodun Adegoroye, David Akpata, Chad Wagner, Uche Onyieke, J.J Effiong and Alabi Samson. The Elders present were Bro P.S. Egure, E.D. Ebong, D.N. Onuora, S. Agbogun and Gbeleyi (Chairman).

The meeting started with an opening prayer by Bro P.S. Egure. In his presentation, the team leader, Bro Alabi Samson introduced the WBS Team present and the mission to the Elders. He narrated the story of the birth of the WBS Abuja Team and explained the objectives, target audience and programs of activities of the team. He gave the report of the WBS Seminar held yesterday and request the total support of the team from the Elders.

In their responses, the Elders appreciated the efforts of the team in using the WBS platform for evangelism. Bro P.S. Egure narrated his experience of the seminar, especially the testimonies of former WBS students who are members of the church, making reference to Bro Obakemi’s story of conversion and others. Bro Onuora requested to know the relationship that existed between the team and Bro Mike Udam of Ogoja. He was told that there is a cordial relationship between the two, as he was instrumental to the formation of the Abuja Team. The Missionary informed the Elders of his willingness to help the team succeed in their activities, after making research on areas of support and discussion with Mike Udam. The Elders in unison promised to support the team in whatever way they can and whenever such areas of support are made known to them. The team later had a group photograph with the Elders, while a prayer was said by Bro Gbeleyi.

The team visited Professor Ernest Agoba, a WBS student in his house to pray with him over his sickness. He was happy to host the team members present, especially the Missionary and appreciated them for the visit and prayers.

The Missionary was later taken on a tour of Abuja city. Among the places visited were Abuja National Stadium, International Conference Center, Presidential Villa, National Assembly, Supreme Court Complex, Transcorp Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Millennium Park, Grand Square, Silverbird Galleria and Shoprite Jabi Lake.


Day 4: 29th January 2018

The visit of the Missionary to Abuja came to an end with his departure to Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State this morning for other activities.

On hand to see him to the airport were, Bro Uche Onyeike and Alabi Samson. The flight was for 9.30 and the team arrived early for necessary check-in. The Missionary appreciate the WBS Abuja Team for the care given to him throughout his stay in Abuja and promised to see them at Abakaliki, Ebonyi State next week. He also expressed his appreciation to the family of Bro Samuel Agbogun, for their hospitality. Thereafter photographs were taken. Hours after, we confirmed he landed safely in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state.


To God be the glory for the successful hosting of the Missionary and the WBS Abuja Seminar. We appreciate everyone who made the visit and the seminar a success, especially the Elders of Church of Christ Kado Abuja for their warm reception of the Missionary and the Team.

We pray for God’s direction and guidance on the Team so as to do its work and achieve its objectives. May God bless us all, In Jesus Name, Amen.


World Bible School Abuja Team,

“Teaching the Word, Reaching the World”.

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  1. This is Evangelist Chukwuemeka Elom, preaching in Abia state of Nigeria west Africa. love to be part of this network, the work is going well over here. we are doing our best to the glory of God. so the congregation am serving is working hard.

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