The Power of Positive Influence

Filled with excitement, I want to break the news today that my Head of Department has been baptized into Christ. He is not the first to be baptized through my evangelism effort but he is one great example of interpersonal evangelism fruit.

He was posted from Calabar to my school in early October 2017 and he displaced me as head of department being on level 13 and me on 12. I took him like my friend and brother and opened the doors of the gospel to him.

During the 2017 lectureship, he offered to cover the programme free and all those who spoke at our Annual lectureship saw him actively participating there as if he was a brother.

When we resumed this term, his family returned to Ogoja with him and to my shock, he announced that he is now a brother in the Lord. He started to worship at the congregation in Ogoja main town and will follow me to the church at Ukpagada for Bible studies.

He was then enrolled in World Bible School correspondence course.

On Friday we had a heated discussion on prayers and this afternoon, I got a call he was immersed and added to the church of the lord.

Those close to me will attest that this event is a great victory for me and the entire school where I teach. The Lord be praised. Our life styles and kindness are very powerful tools in our hands.

Join me to pray for his stability in faith.

Mike Udam

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