December Report – Chukwu

Good work done easily.

When one has proper tools to do works, he/she knew very much how to do
the works always go easily. That is what I am witnessing here in our
evangelism work of open Air preaching, indoor Bible seminars programs,
we have completed without logistics problems students Bible seminar at
a native town hall, Ogboli village in Awgu Town of Enugu State. This
is because we can now confidently work with our own mission vehicle
and mission equipments as you can see below.

I must continue to thank you who has enable us do that. Your financial
supports to Mbanabo Mission have greatly enabled us done good works in
Evangelism building projects in this part of the world. God is also blessing our
evangelism work here, because the churches here are growing in
numbers, however, women and their children are greater in number.

Student Bible Seminar:

This is for private and public secondary school student of the work we
call teaching Bible in Secondary Schools.

We pulled all the students in Awgu Area together on 18th November,
2017 for the seminar. Ten numbers of these students baptized and they
were directed into the churches of Christ near to them. I will
continue to follow them up for their spiritual growth. We continued to
do the work in every secondary school where we are permitted to teach
the Bible to students. We give out bibles and study materials to each
of the students while one of us will go for their teaching. Thank the
church for me, who was giving strength to our Dragnet, the strength
that is enabling it sailing into the sea of the lost world here. We
need prayers and help of God to do the work. We need to do it well, we
do not discriminate concerning to whom we declare the Gospel of Jesus
Christ and His Kingdom here, both to all that may claim to know Christ
without divine plan of salvation. God help us.

Yours brother,

Herbert Nwankwo Chukwu.

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