Christian Couples Retreat in Nigeria

The First Ukanafun Christian Couples Retreat which holds at Township Church of Christ, Ukanafun on Saturday January 20, 2018 on the theme “Christian Family and Lifestyle: a Panacea For Church Growth” was a great success.

A total of 59 Couples was in attendance drawn from 23 local congregations.. Some Couples who were not in good relationship regain their love after our teachings and practical example. Many questions were asked and Bible answers was given.

This idea of Christian Couples Retreat was borne out of the many weakness in the church mostly in Evangelism which my survey trace it to the home and I decided to facilitate this Retreat to help handle other things concerning the home in a plain language to help the churches of Christ in my locality experience the growth it requires.

Because a Good Home makes a Good church and  good church makes a better society. Much emphasis was placed on Lifestyle as entrenched in Matthew 5:16.

Many requested for the event to be taken to another location to help His kingdom advancement while others ask for another edition in Ukanafun to allow others who could not attend to do so.

Pray for resources to help more Christians in this direction for Christ kingdom advancement

The event has a launch session where Couples express their love to each other by sharing food together etc.

Thank you so much for your prayers.God bless you.

Mojima Etokudo

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