Chunga’s September Report

Last Sunday I preached to a quite wonderful group of people who sacrificed themselves to worship God under the tree with no problem. This is a new church some where in the district of Nkhotskota which is at a distance of about 40 km from Nkhotakota Boma going to the south. These brethren are very dedicated and once they believed, they started worshiping under the trees while there looking a place to build their church building.
So I encouraged them that Jesus needs our pure hearts whether in a good building or not. And many people are being baptized almost weekly. Coming out from denominations with good infrastructures. That’s wonderful.


This coming month of October we suppose to have our last session at Nkhotakota Bible school. But we’ve got a big challenge that the food contributed has finished. But there some students who are finishing their second year and they supposed to graduate by the end of October.
So we are stranded since school opens on 2nd of October. May I please pray for us so that we may achieve our goal of teaching people the true message of God without such hindrances. May God bless you as your are interceding for us.

Today we had three baptisms at Dzama in Namitete area, Lilongwe rural west. Some people from various congregations gathered including some out siders. It was a single day gospel meeting whereby 788 + people attended.
Four people have been baptized and six reconciled. The following pics show what happened.

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